From diagnosis to treatment: Expertise for Life

We are aware of the responsibility that comes with manufacturing gas and liquid pumps for medical devices. For decades, our tailored solutions have been indispensable components of the devices supplied by leading global manufacturers. KNF pumps perform demanding tasks – they reliably transfer both gaseous and liquid media, and generate vacuum and pressure with precision.

Pump solutions for the highest quality standards

Our highly skilled and experienced employees work meticulously to find the best possible solution for your challenge, always supported by our Product Centers in Germany and Switzerland. You can count on us every step of the way, from providing you with sample pumps to developing prototypes to series production. We also fully support subsequent generations of devices in order to ensure continuous improvement.


Precision right from the start

KNF gas and liquid pumps are durable, adjustable and precise, making a crucial contribution to valid results – from devices for invasive or non-invasive examinations to processing procedures for liquid samples. KNF pumps supply constant volumes of gaseous and liquid media with the utmost precision.


When reliability is key

From the preparation and care of surgical instruments to surgical procedures including patient monitoring to irradiation technology, wound management and machine-aided intensive care through to device technologies for follow-up care – KNF pumps deliver safe and reliable performance in all manner of applications.